How to be Mindful at Work

Posted by Frederick Islieb on

  1. Be Actively Aware. By that I mean aware of your emotional and mental state of mind and what you are doing at work. Allow yourself to think about the task at hand.
  2. Focus. Devote your attention to one matter rather than multitasking on many items.
  3. Remind Yourself to be mindful. Set your cell phone alarm to go off every few hours as a reminder.
  4. Have Appreciation and Gratitude for your work. Someone decided you were the one for the job and helped you get it. Try to be happy and free of negativity. Understand your important role in your workplace.
  5. Be open to personal growth at work. Accept the challenges and allow yourself to do the best job possible. You will be more mindful if you are diligent about doing your job to the fullest.

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